Monday, August 28, 2006


Khaddam spoke last night.


I wanted to post something else, but this one killed me! The funniest bit I read since the start of the whole mess, even better than mini-Hariri's daily ravings and conspiracy theories. It's like this: Saudi Minister "Devilish Dreams" al Faysal is accusing some Arab countries (Syria, for those Yanks still watching Oprah) for allying with non Arabs thus being responsible for all the nonsense in the Arab World. Well, this is the message Nobel Prize for Idiocy Winner al Faysal wants to make heard. The problem is that all the Arab world (except Saudis who're to busy buggering each other) got the message as an open auto-critique of the Saudi politics of the last month, since the Saudi's were the number one allies of the Yanks and Shaloms in the Massacre, thus got a wrong message about the free-minded Saudi Government, eager to learn from it's mistakes and publicly admitting and criticizing them. The perfect government! Even Bush's cons aren't that open. One point for the pedophiles, sex-obsessed, wahabi fanatism spreading, Al-Qaida sponsoring, moderate Saudi Arabia!
Or is all this part of the new "economic" policy of Abdullah al Saud, who reduced family spending in Marbella from 60 million pounds last year to a mere 10 million this year, thus encouraging anti-Syrian current in Saudia in order to get reduced prices (heck!, with US possible shelling, even get it all for free) for already extremely expensive Syrian women flesh. What do you expect, sahib? Quality has it's price! If it's too much for your "modest" pockets, I suggest you stick on to rapping Indonesian and Filipino slaves, as I highly doubt you're capable of anything else.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Paradigm Shifter

Now Alex wouldn’t be the only one around to undergo a paradigm shift. I can easily add myself to the list, although the changes I’ve gone through should be labeled as “re-branding” rather than “paradigm shifting”. When I started blogging not much time ago, my first topic of choise was the thing I understand most, photography. Then I re-branded to more philosophic matters, such as agnosticism and political agnosticism, just to find myself shifting to the most natural thing, being myself. So I’ll use this space to pour my thoughts and trade mark cynicism, my perception of what’s happening around us on this pebble we call Earth, and every now and then, throw a curse on Mr. Bush, because, what the heck!, I’m Arab and this is what I know best (even better than photography).

I remembered 3 shreds of news I stumbled upon today: the first was about a poll taken in Egypt about most popular Bearded Men in the Arab World, which ranked Bin Laden on 5 position, the second was about Kofi Anan’s planned visit to the Axis of Evil (Syria&Iran), and the last was about some conspiracy theory which involved 9/11 and Israeli intelligence. The coincidence was too much to stand, so I laughed my guts when I rememberd some silly joke fresh out after 9/11: A guy enters Kanfash Coffee in Shaalan and asks: “Do you have Bin Laden? (for dhimmis, “bin” in Arabic means coffee arabica)” So the tenant answers: “No, but we have Coffee Anan”…


Sunday, August 20, 2006



What is a traffic accident? How can you define it so even the simplest of the simple minds can understand? A driving error? A deliberate violation of traffic laws? A avalanche of most reasonable and most absurd circumstances that meet in that same moment, second, blink, parallel existence which represent the very essence of the impact, or accident, or crash, or... Or is it a start, the spark that ignites the process, that throws light over things existent yet inexistent before to our eyes? Is it the small moment that led to a paradigm shift? Or is it the beginning which coincides with the ending, the perfect circle of actions and thoughts of the perfect story? Or is it a delay, that led to another delay, that led to the changing of crucial factors in this absurd circle...

Friday, August 18, 2006



Sometimes small matters can pass unobserved. Sometimes small matters can change one's point of view in a small insignificant way. Sometimes small matters can cause a paradigm shift. You asked me why this change in my attitude, my answer is to complicated to be sent in one letter, to obscure to be spoken in words, to difficult to be understood without seeing it through my eyes.