Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nihilism - Still Standing

Today I'm being personal, nihilistic, to be more accurate. Those who read my site every once in a while won't find that unusual.
Ramadan makes one see the world in a totally different perspective. Meaning that it annihilates even the last shred of optimism one gets in your everyday life in the Axis, where we're having false siren alarms and 100 bombardment news on the hour. The funny thing (well, when I say funny...) is that during last year war, we were devastated at the mere idea of possible war, but now that we're at it, it's more like: "They can all kiss my arse. The whole lot of them. On both sides".
Anyway, Ramadan is different, it's the month of fraud, lies, double tricks, sham and bloody common theft in the name of Virtue. It's like: OK we go all year long playing silly buggers, and now we freakin' fast (well, when I say fast...) and blind ole God will wipe away all the silly buggers we've been playing at for the last year. Bad news: THERE IS NO GOD.
Ramadan is the month of eating. Pigging, more likely. The worst image I can recollect is that of people rushing to an open buffet like pigs, pushing and biting and pissing on the pig behind (person, same thing). Even in normal circumstances it's not a nice thing to see, it can do serious damage to the uninitiated lad or lass, something not even therapy can cure. Let alone now, that it seems I've caught anorexia and I puke at the simple idea of toast. I try to keep indoors, I really must eat and I don't need any more scenes to put me incurably sick. Otherwise I'll be roaming around with a transfusion real soon.
Last, but not least, Ramadan is the month of TV. Yup, that's it. You get more bad drama per hour than a Mexican telenovellas channel at prime time. And life revolves around TV until dusk when every one gets a break because it's pigging time. The funniest bit is when everybody is saying they'll be slimming in Ramadan, and end up some 10 pounds fatter. And then come bloody asking me how come I'm shedding weight since I'm not even fasting. Wrong again, I am fasting, my mind is.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Another One

Ramadan has crept in again. Well, now that it's here: welcome to the month of Syrian TV, Syrian Drama, Syrian Comedy, Syrian-Kuwaiti Sitcom, Syrian-Egyptian Film, Syrian-Lebanese Show, Syrian-Saudi Conflict, Syrian-Syrian Candid Camera. Oh, yes. And food.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Before I Forget...

Happy Birthday to My Blog!...
Happy Birthday to My Blog!...
P.S. Photo nicked from here.