Friday, June 22, 2007


I believe...

I believe I'm alive, or at least got along with the idea so far.
I believe there are no gods. And if there actually are, they're sick and tired of us humans.
I don't believe in religions. I believe they're the precursors of political parties.
I believe those who put their faith into hocus-pocus Judgment Day, Rapture and 72 sex-less Houri to be beyond idiocy. How can one believe so feverishly in things nonexistent rather than believing one's own eyes?
I believe in folklore, tradition, mythology. These are the true voice of history.
I believe in Art. Impressionism, most of all. Don't know why.
I believe I would like to own a Van Gogh. I should find a time portal, I can't figure any other way to actually acquiring one.
I believe Metropolitan Museum i a good thing. I don't be live it's nice for it being so far away.
I don't like that the Bushmerican won't let me visit the Museum for my being Arab.
I am proud for being in the Axis of Evil. I am Syrian, but I don't believe that we're Arab.
I believe that were we truly Arab, Saudi Arabia wouldn't treat us like shit.
I believe we're Tamerlane's bastards. And Tamerlane's bastards is better than Mohammed's bastards.
I believe that we Romanians are Syrians. Cornelius believes this one too.
I believe we Syrians are over-tolerant. Tolerant isn't superior. Just tolerant.
I believe Lebanese to be stark stupid for putting their trust in all their former Syrian-puppets, present US-puppets, politicians. A puppet is a puppet is a puppet...
I believe I wouldn't trust Junblat as far as I can spit. I believe neither his mother would.
I believe Politics is a whore.
I don't believe Syria is responsible with Hariri's assassination. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe our boys are smart enough to come up with such a plan. Too Hollywood-ish, if you ask me.
I don't believe Syria and Israel are going to war. As I said before, this is because I don't trust either side not to betray (their own people) and sign treaties behind the scenes.
I believe though, that if a war were to start, it would be another unnecessary bloodshed in our Humanity's long history of carnage.
I believe I should visit Iran now, as it still exists.
I believe Bush has the sex-appeal of a gibbon, and I truly feel for Mrs. Bush. My sympathies...
I believe Miss Condi to be spineless for accepting to play the puppet of the Supermachist White Man.
I believe I might have some respect for Rumsfeld and Powell, now that I don't see their faces that often. I still believe I want to see them in court in Haga.
I believe I don't like pundits. Of all sorts.
I believe World is much plainer than it seems. You just have to see it to understand. However, it's much easier to keep sleeping this bi-polar Marvel Comics World that's been poured into our brain than actually see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
I don't believe the World to be divided in Good and Evil, Black and White. I believe it's a whole array of gray shades.
I believe under all that nihilism, fatalism, cynicism and pessimism, I'm just too idealistic...