Sunday, July 22, 2007

Everybody Has a Syrian Relative

The eternally Angry Arab (the illumination source of a handful of Mid-Eastern bloggers, I'll develop the idea later) cited an article pretending Bin Laden is actually... Syrian. Well, his mother is, therefore he shouldn't ever again be refereed to as an Saudi, please everyone!
This is understandable, the guy just want to join the ever-growing line of celebs with Syrian origins like
Seinfeld, Apple's Steve Jobs, Apollodorus of Damascus, Me...
The ugly part is that he just gave The Bush a serious motive to shift blame of World Tterrorism on Syria, in his trademark hare-brained reasoning he's kindly accustomed us to. Now to move to the next level towards attacking Iran, he just have to prove that Bin Laden is Ahmedinejad's cousin.