Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shame on You, Syrians!

A play last night. Unfortunately I haven't neither the vocabulary nor the cheek for putting here enough swear words to describe it. Huge disappointment. And a shock at the bad taste, but hey, I knew it's bad taste, that's what they know best, and that's what sells best with this gutter people of my own.
The biggest repulsion shock came when the idiot lead character, dressed as Bin fucking Laden compared himself to Santa Claus, and reached the concussion that HE's a terrorist only for being Muslim. Worst shock when a full audience applauded him with passion instead of spitting him on the spot! I cannot express my repulsion, after years and years of degrading of all feelings towards this blasted people, this came as a mortal hit. I know they're bad taste, shams, double-crooks that'll steal you as soon as think of you. But I never thought they would have become binladinites. For one moment I realised all the crap The Bushit is selling has some real solid ground. How can you cheer the comparison of Bin Laden to Santa Clause? Santa is the spirit of sharing and giving, gives hope and dreams to children, albeit American Imperialist ones. And the other is the worst that could have happened to Arabs and Muslims alike, and THEY FUCKING CHEER HIM! Every person with at least one nano-pound of Arabism should slay Laden on sight, and every person who is one fraction of Muslim should have yelled Jihad against Bin Laden instead of joining him.
Repulsion and shock. I always knew my people to be dumb and I always knew that there will never come a time for my people to line up with the rest of humans, or at least to reach status as fully humans. Now I know the only solution is eradication, as subhumans cheering destruction and death to other people deserve whatever is coming to them.