Sunday, October 22, 2006

Agnostic Meditation I

I reach today the moment I've been trying to delay. It's hard to speak of belief without hurting, and it's hard to keep a clear mind in this world we live without seriously questioning your own belief.
Before I start collapsing the structures of every known and unknown religion, I must point out some ubicuous truths.
First and most important, I mistrust translation more than anything there is. A book, phrase, poem, thought is thought in a language and it's impossible, absolute impossibility, to translate with absolute precision. Heck, with close precision is tricky enough. I give a good translation, close, let's say, 70% compatibility with the original text. Although I doubt I ever read such an utopic book. The translative problem is a big great one, and is brought to on with purpose, as it's the ultimate excuse used by Islam for lingering in this state of absolute mind control over the believers and exclusivity treatment of those curious enough to be interested in a positive way. It's the cause of the deliberate and non deliberate miss interpretation of an otherwise, simple, quite plain religion, as Coran is non traductible, non understandable, indestructible, you have to be perfectly fluent in the Arabic tongue for those truths residing in the Holy Book be clear to you. Via a whole army of ulema, sheikh, imams and muftii, of course, as your poor dhimmi mind is too ignorant to understand pure "enlightened" truth. Why is Coran so badly interpreted in other languages, and I tell you it IS. Why, let me think: who's in control of the Arab and Muslim World these days? Saudi Arabia? What kind of practices do they encourage? The Coranic ones? Does Coran say "Daughters are a shame upon you, you should treat them as objects and deny them anything?" Does it say "That who does not pray 5 times a day should be beaten to death, no matter if he's not even Muslim"? Are these the teachings of the religion "that liberated women from the burden of infant burying, gave her her rights, privileges"? Do those images represent the truth about "the only true religion"? Because this is what the West knows about Islam. This, and the suiciders, and the "honor crimes" and nikab. And they know them so good, that they don't even want to hear about knowing otherwise. And don't you go blame any Jews for it, as I'll hack into whoever dares to do so! Translation, thus...