Sunday, October 01, 2006

The God of Small Gods

I we are to analyze this whole idea, we reach several conclusions.
First would be that, as Pratchett said, it's not Gods those who created humans, but humans are definitely those who created their Gods. The reason he gives is that basic trait of human nature of constant need of a higher supernatural existence to stick in ones blames. Or, as the old legend goes, it's Pandora's Box, i.e. the fact that Hope dies last.
Second, an odd theory springs to mind, a theory which separates the Creator from God and identifies them as two different beings. My first and only glimpse of a clue in this point is the Biblical paradigm shift (yes, another one... Maybe I should rename this blog to Paradigm Shifts), or the inexplicable re-baptism of God from Elohim- who actually are a pantheon of seven Gods- to Iehwe or Jehovah. In the Bible, Elohim is definitely appointed as the Creator of all there is, while Iehwe, beside some minor miracles, appears with remarkably inferior powers. Creator and God?
Third and last, is a strange book, maybe the strangest I read, who's only and true conclusion is that God can, and usually does, hides in the smallest insignificant things, there for those who have eyes to observe.
To make things short, God is in the details...