Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why We Chose Crusaders Over Our Arab Brethren

A subject that intrigues me for some time now. I know that for every beloved zealous brother, this title is my one-way ticket to Hell, but unfortunately my ramblings are purely geo-political, thus...
Syria was put before two choices. Either become one of the "moderate" Wahabite hives, either feel Mr. Bush' wrath. Syria has chosen to become an European country. Why? Simple: European partnership means European investments, European founding, European freedom and mentality. European partnership means peace. Peace means ever more investments, cultural inter-change, freedom. The freedom that Wahabites desperately try to keep away. And I don't mean political nor religious, I mean freedom of mind.

Now let me compare a bit between the two factors of this equation. Both Crusaders (Europe) and Terrorists (Wahabites) mean investment.

1. Infrastructure: roads, railways, transport, ports, airports, highways, bridges...
2. Agriculture: grains, olive, cotton, citrus....
3. Tourism: advertising the rich historical heritage, cultural tourism, resorts, hotels...
4. Culture: cultural inter-change, cultural scholarships, activities, historical tours...
5. Economy: food industry, textile industry, natural resources extraction...

Terrorists: I am to take into consideration that they've already 30 years of investment advance in the Syrian virgin market, thus what did they do:
1. Invested into female slavery
2. Invested into prostitution (yes, it has risen to the highest level ever before, and is VERY alarming)
3. Real estate speculation, resulting from the prostitution business
4. Wahabite Islam: I'm ashamed to recognize that 85% of Syrian women wear head scarves and/or nikab! The rest of 15% are Christian, Alawite, Shiite, Druze and Jewish.
5. Invested into the most shameful Wahabite trademarks of child mind twisting lowly disguised as Space Toon and Star Animation.
6. Destroyed and encouraged the destruction of the "pagan" historical sites.
7. Projected their image of terrorism to an once tolerant secular nation.
Their future agenda can only hold more terrorism, Wahabism and prostitution, until one day we'll find ourselves facing hordes of horny zealous raping the any unfortunate woman passing by. Because Mohammed allowed them: "Whatever you right (hand) can hold..."
Therefore, I'm glad we chose "terrorism" instead of "moderate", I'm glad we chose the "crusaders" and "apostate" Shiites over our Muslim caring brethren and Brothers. Next step would be renouncing all Arabs. I'm hopeful.