Thursday, January 25, 2007


These days it seems Syria is your usual scapegoat. Well, Syria and El Niño, since it's still quite impossible to blame Syria for crop freeze in California, although it's not to be entirely ruled out. Therefore, stick it into Syria's fold. As a whole, the idea is comic, well, in a tragic sense, and old, since the Bushmerica did accustom us with it's incapability of assuming responsibilities and it's constant obsession to blame others for it's total incompetence (remember the episode when Iraq was blamed for 9/11 when total failure in Afghanistan became imminent). Nothing new, that is. Although I have a strange feeling that this new series of usual accusations is related somehow with Brammertz's praise for Syria's total collaboration with the investigators and it's absence from the Black List of uncooperative countries, which, as rumors go, seems to be containing the whole Axis of Good.
What I'm still waiting to see is the end of this auction for Syria. Who will pay more: Europe via Iran, or Saudi Wahhabi Arabia, through Bushmerican invasion?