Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Puppeteer's Garden

May be or may not be so known that I have an almost obsessive passion for ficus, especially banyans (I did leave clues all the way for those with detective insight). Out of sheer blind patriotism (the Damascene balcony plants part), or maybe just lack of imagination, I don't know nor care. I just find fascination contemplating these sub-equatorial sacred giants adapt to every impossible life condition. From Mother country India and Sumatra to faraway Argentina, passing through Middle East (Syria included, of course - the bit about patriotism, right? Alex) all the way to Poland, and quite healthy, I assure you. Wouldn't be surprised to find some on Mars.
Therefore, let this be the first official announcement for my upcoming photo campaign :
1001 Banyan.

Everybody is welcomed to visit and leave his/her suggestions.