Friday, February 16, 2007

Lebanese Diplomacy

Walid Jumblat spoke! This is taken from his speech during the Harriri Comemoration on Valentine's Day: "...We came to the Freedom Square to say to you, o tyrant of Damascus, o monkey not known by nature; o snake that other snakes flee from; o whale rejected by the seas; o monster from the monsters of wilderness; o creature of half-men; o product of Israel over the remains of South Lebanon and the people of South Lebanon; o liar and Hajjaj [bin Yusuf] in Iraq; o murderer and killer in Syria and Lebanon."
Some diplomats, those Lebanese, you have to admit! Please, Walid Bec, o great feudal lord of all Socialists of Lebanon, next time you flee the Lebanese Justice to Syria, accept me as a humble disciple of your great oratory eloquence!