Friday, April 06, 2007

Islamic... Syria?

I'm having some heck of a dilemma lately. My usual domain of inquiry lies within mythology mostly, it is there that I seek the facts interesting enough to keep me thirsty for more. It is there, quite paradoxically that I sometimes find the most appropriate answers for today's problems. History repeats, isn't it? First time should have been a tragedy, second time definitely a comedy. But a tragic one, nevertheless.
As some things recently clarified some rather obscures issues, some other questions were risen, questions whose answers aren't most likely to be totally satisfying. But I'll leave that for some other post, what I've said until now is more than enough for my introduction.
My way to work each day passes through the transportal (whatever that is) center of Damascus. Ironically, as it weren't enough, that same center is the universitarian center. The Baramke, for non-dhimis. Counting people on my daily routine road, it occurred to myself that women on the streets might be easily categorised. I tried doing so in the following drawing. Anyway, here goes.

P.S. To enlarge, click here.
to be continued...