Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bloody Feast

Well the inevitable came. Saddam was hanged yesterday. In the dark, like rats like to operate. I think he had it coming, you can't get away with massacring people, although the US forces seem to do it all the time. Nevertheless, if you're Arab, or any "inferior" nationality, you can't escape with even telling your opinion, let alone massacring people. Although Wahhabi seem to escape, but those are pure "moderate" Muslim Arabs. We Syrians are just apostate bastards of Timurlan. Yes, I forgot.
I am with punishment, with capital punishment. If not for anything.,but I don't find it fair to pay up to 40% of my salary just for keeping the inmates warm and cozy, with the false hope that someday they might become model citizens. I'll pass, I would happily and unconditionally give the money for helping impaired people or the elder. But, nevertheless, we are barbarian criminal human rights violators and we must provide for the best of our imprisoned criminals in the detriment of Dawn syndrome diseased children.
I am not religious, those who know me can say I'm a fundamentalist atheist. But in a fundamentalist world, an assassinated symbol, albeit a murderous one, can very easily become a martyr and fuel for even more fundamentalism. Although I found it strange to read news of Iran's joy at the hanging news, see the Shiite's joy for eventually getting their justice (1 million killed in Iran alone during the Iraq-Iran war). And then hear of the fears of "Irani fundamentalism" martyring Saddam? No, fundamentalism comes from the South, usually, from grit-sucking Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless...
Anyway, I am for capital punishment and for capital punishment of all criminals against humanity. But I am living in Syria and I don't want to suffer bombing and terrorism because of some cretin US intelligent that know about the Middle East the same amount I know about quantic physics.
It does give hope though, Saddam is gone. Now we're hopeful to see Rumsfeld. Or Bush. Even Condi would do. We're waiting.
P.S I'll insert sources later, I'm to disgusted to think right now.