Monday, December 18, 2006

Deus Deii


Hear this
"Deus Otiosus: (Deus Absconditus) creator god that abandoned his work, retiring to the Heavens (or another sphere of existence?) thus breaking all the bonds with his creative past. Literal translation: tired god, or bored god, or resting (reclining) god. A common figure to most archaic religions, the common explanation of his abandon is either of physical nature, such as the great distance between Earth and Heavens, or by by more philosophical means such as the impossibility of communication between the two dimensions. Some intermediary forms found are the Deus Absconditus concept, or Hidden God, Deus Remotus, the Far God, Deus Incertus, the Uncertain (in the agnostic way) God."
Victor Kernbach, General Mythology

He who watches?