Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy .......... (Insert Hollyday of Choise)

Imagine someone who's half Romanian, quarter Syrian and quarter Lebanese. Yes, I know Syrian and Lebanese genetics are absolutely the same, but we're talking nationality here. It's like calling a Pole an Ukrainian. You don't want to know what happens. The Romanian part is the easy part, to start with, as it only Greek-Catholic converted to Orthodox, and that's OK. The Lebanese part is Maronite, with serious doubts of crusader ascendancy. The Syrian part is Damascean, which does anything but simplifies the things. Damascean since more than 900 years, which makes it direct subject to Tamerlane's men, thus doesn't make it pure Damascean anymore. It means there are chances of Mongol blood. Note that the Damascean part, before being Damascean, has come from the Hijaz, and considering the functions of the predecessors, gives serious doubt of actually not being Arab at all but converted Jew.
Imagine someone who was born Muslim then baptised into Orthodoxy. One apostate. Then reconverted by force to Islam. Two apostates. Then denying any kind of religions altogether. Three apostates. Someone who's expected by Christians to feast with Christians, by Muslims to feast with Muslims, and if Hebrew descendancy is proved, to feast even with the Jews. And imagine that all three feasts happen to come in the same time. What should this person do?
He should bugger everything and keep on celebrating First of May.
Happy Everything to Everyone!