Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Great Constant of Treachery

World politics is a heck of a thing. It's like a great spider weaving it's net, weaving and weaving, covering the space around it with it's thick poisonous web of blindness. A whore, that's what she's called in Romania. A great illusionist for the simple minded, that's rather what it inspires me.
Let me return to last summer: Hezbollah and Israel get into one of those usual border skirmishes. Israel starts bombing the borders. Then starts bombing inside the borders. Then Lebanon is a hell. Then US lets Israel continue it's bombing for more than a month. Then bombing stops and everybody becomes a winner (everybody except the Lebanese). Then Hezbollah rises it's political demands. On the other hand, Saudi Wahhabia plants the seeds of inter-Islamic intolerance. Then news gets out Saudi Wahhabi is behind the last war on the Shi'ite in South Lebanon. More news gets out that Saudi and Israeli are in bed. Then Saddam plays hangman. Then Shit Wahhabia seeses the occasion to declare Jihad on Safavid and on Iran, declares their apostasy on the spot. Every Sunni ass-head turns red eyed to his life long Shi'ite neighbour. Intolerance over hate and disgust. Worst kind of pejoratives used when refereed to Iran and Shi'ite. Bushmerica threatens Iran, now that it won full cooperation of Sunni rag-heads. Two barges in the Persian Gulf. Fatah and Hammas kill each other like cretins that they are, and convince the whole world once and for all how much they care about the whole Palestinian cause and people. Then, breaking news, the Safavid and Rag-head Wahhabia are meeting, shaking hands, hugging and kissing (each other's arse). Who's in bed with who?

Once, some long monthes ago, I was asked what I thought about Nasrallah and the great leadesr of the Arab pseudo-World. I only said that they sold us all, and already spent the money.