Monday, March 26, 2007

Raving Still

I am working these days. Working hard, I might add, since, what the hell, even in my Third World Cactus Republic on the fringes of transition we need money for transport, at least, if not for other Bourgeois pleasures or activities.
Well, I've been working, as I pointed out, on some rather more than annoying illustrations of a more than aphonical person that calls itself an "artist". But leaving behind the gossiping part, the thing that infuriated me about these illustrations were some rather unorthodox depictions of nature and animals. Well, I felt that in a certain one, instead of encouraging love of nature, it depicted a lion in a cage with two brats happily throwing a stick at it.
Now leaving alone the whole "compassion for humans first" issue, and my Gaya idea that animals live peacefully and don't destroy their environment, I did mention in an older post that my recent reading of "Nausicaa" only opened my eyes to things unobserved. But the whole meaning of my raving on Rave and Wagner is that sometimes I cannot but feel that if anything deserving to be put in a Zoo, it should be humans.
Good Night.