Saturday, September 23, 2006

Agnostic By Nature

Agnostic is a term used to define a person who intellectually challenges the existence of any reasonable truth in religion. Agnostic is a term to define a person who defies the principles of belief with reason. An agnostic is a person who tends to see the world clearly. Or was that the pessimist?
I used to be a militant atheist (hard to imagine that one), ready to start a fight on every kind of religion and belief, renegating as many Gods as possible, thus earning my self apostasy in two religions so far. But then I found the best way to annoy people is by leaving them be. Letting them believe in whatever they feel like believing, taking that neutral objective attitude towards everything and everyone. Later I found out that's called agnosticism. So atheism is by being violent, agnosticism is being objectively bored. Check!
Now, based on the logic above, could one equidistant neutral politically well informed person be considered agnostic as well? One that doesn't take parts, listen to all parts, then simply closes back in his shell, not giving a damn about what people are fighting for in the first place. The he would say I've listened because you talked to me, that's all that you asked in the first place, to listen to you. A large amount of this kind of political agnostics would only make our world better, I feel, if not through direct action, but through induction of boredom. Imagine yourself telling your life story to some eager listening ear who'll turn it's back in the moment you draw the final point. Imagine this happening twice, thrice, tenfold. Wouldn't you get desperately bored to try again? And imagine your enemy (or whatever) passing through the same process. I tell you what, at the end of the day you'll grab your enemy and go to the closest bar to have a beer.
I find it better than a whole nation of political analysts. Really.