Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Shalom", the American Way

I didn't post anything serious these last days, as I was on the trail of a certain rumor. I say rumor as I didn't see any serious conclusions yet towards either option.
Soon after this new massacre of Lebanon stopped, loud and vehement government voice in Israel cried for peace with Syria (Axis of Evil, second to the right, can't miss it). News and rumors were spread about committees and strategic studies groups created to draw the blue prints for this new "peace" treaty. The word "peace", itself, was the word of the day on both sides of Golan. How come the Israeli "peace-loving" Government undertook this radical paradigm shift (we're all doing so on this blog) did strike me as extremely odd, I must add . We've grown used with the Terrorist War of the States and we know the Bushmert won't admit failure easily and is going to pursue his Middle Beast dreams until the last drop of Iraqi oil. Not to mention the US is not going to reconsider it's position towards it's worldwide proven and condemned mistakes (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran, on the way) like any true democracy should and would, and will blame others for it's incompetence, as usual, and find it's scapegoats amongst those countries that chose falafel over hamburgers, thus seriously threatening the American Way of Life (yes, we prefer having some healthy, fungi covered, car-oil fried falafel in Damascus, rather than the trademark rubber chicken of KFC). That's why I saw this new call for peace fishy, and was proven right when I stumbled on these two declarations of war, courtesy of World's only Two Democracies. The problem here is that no matter how hard I though about it, and I did, I wasn't able to reach not even a glimpse of reasonable logical motive for attacking Syria. I only found these three far-fetched explanations for the planned Americanski invasion:
1. The Golan Heights of brother Israel, that tiny bit of land usurped by the "Democracy" in 1967, which we failed to re-conquer in 1973 (btw, thanks Nixon!) , populated by stubborn Syrians who refuse Israeli citizenship, choosing relentless abuses and imprisonment each time this issue is brought up (get a hint, will ya? They're Syrian, ya squareheads, and want back to Mother Syria!).
2. Bullying, picking on a retard, economy-less, infrastructure-less, almost army-less, second-hand Banana Republic who's only fault is it's mere existence, just because, what the heck, THEY CAN!
3. Mount Harmon Resort. That's right, the new family-fun resort newly opened close to Syrian-Israeli (Syrian-Syrian, actually) borders, which made our cousins mad with envy, sleepless at nights, restless at day, until they swore to lay hands on this marvelous, exciting, fantastic site and monopolize all the fun!