Saturday, September 16, 2006

Crusader, No Regret

Well, that does it! One would imagine a Pope of the 21st century in a world one step away from nuclear war to try and calm things out with the tolerance and understanding of the religion he represents. Instead he raves about the intolerance of Islam as a religions not from reading nor Coran nor any other damned source, but from the allegations of the allegations of some sultan I never heard of despite all my historic knowledge, supposedly saying to some obscure long forgoten Byzantine king that Islam will win by sword. Very scholarly, I must add.
Ever since 9/11 there was a campaign against Islam and Muslims, which I consider that they encouraged by their reactions, peaking with the caricatures, George W.C. Bush's "Islamo-fascism" aberration and with the freakin' pope vomiting his tolerance two days ago.
I was baptised when a child and unfortunately raised to hate Muslims by my mother, a devout Christian. I lived most part of my life among my Christian brethren, which poured on me their tolerance and love, persecuting the hell out of me because my father is Muslim. Yes, didn't matter what I think and feel, that I embraced Christianity unconditioned and with devotion, they were more concerned about the religion of my parents and my origins. And tolerance and love like this one made me renounce Christianity and curse the moment I decided to convert in the first place. That was my second apostate.
And hearing Pope Dementia speak his raving vomits, made me PROUD for renegading Christianity!
I am literate with the teachings of this religion, and I heard oh! So many times how "Christianity calls for love and tolerance", such noble feelings! Let's speak of Christian tolerance throughout history:
- Emperor Constantine converted for political reasons, as his increasing Christian population refused to go to wars for "unholy" reasons.
- The Crusades, 1099-1271, the Christian holy wars, resulting in butchering of thousands of Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Middle East.
- The Witch Hunts, ending in 1750!, during this time "witches" were executed in the most horrible and sadistic way, or more litteral: pagans and those who refused to convert to Christianity were tortured and executed in the most inhumane ways. Some tolerance I say! Victims: uncounted.
- The Inquisition 1184-1834, targeting Jews, Muslims and converts and Christians themselves, just to be sure they stayed Christian after converting. Another fine example of Christian "tolerance". Victims: uncounted.
- The butchering of South American Natives from the conquest until these days. The reason is the same: you refuse to convert, off to hell! Victims: MILLIONS.
- The persecution of Protestants ans Lutherans in Europe, for the same "tolerant" reason that they saw things differently.
- The Holocaust. Yes, above anything else, the victims were killed for being JEWS. No Christian suffered from it. Victims : 6 millions and counting!!!
- The "love" and "tolerance" between Christians in Northern Ireland, Germany, Yugoslavia, US...
An overall view: it seems that Christianity is stained with blood and hatred, hatred it perpetuated since it's very founding, throughout all modern History, and it keeps to perpetuate, it seems. And if Muslims these days are intolerant, they learned intolerance from Christians and learned their lesson well!
But then again, what else can one expect from the Pope, other than perpetuating hatred and violence and fanatism? That's what the Popes always did.