Thursday, September 14, 2006

We Have Terrorism!

Listening to Mr. Bushmert opening that arsehole of a mouth of his each time can give anyone the impression that we have more terrorist attacks in Syria than the Twin Towers had in the very moment of the planes collision. "Terrorists, terrorists, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Axis of Evil"! As if we're living in a cheap Bruce Willis movie, with predefined, prefabricated (just add water) Good Guys vs. Bad Guys! I came back here (Damascus, Syria, Axis of Evil, first to the right, as usual, can't miss it!) 8 years ago horrified at the prospects of being blown up/decapitated/held hostage/scalped every time I turned the corner. The only problem is that I found out it's the exact opposite way. I mean sometimes I felt safer in the streets than inside my home. What other country can claim that now? But since stubbornness is one of the traits you usually get with utter stupidity, the Bushmert didn't give up. He yelled so many times terrorists, until they finally answered his plea, I think out of exasperation more than anything. So, here you are, some terrorists wannabes mix a hare-brained terrorist plan a la Qaida ,with tapings (soon available on Jazeera), "Allahu Akbar!" and everything, and pay the US embassy a purposeful visit.
Now, let me describe a bit the area of the US embassy: in front of it there's a small park and Rawda Square, where you have the fortified Turkish embassy. Behind the US embassy, there's the ALC, another fortification with metal detectors and satellite radars. Opposite the US embassy you have the Iraqi (a paradox, isn't it?) and Chinese ones, and in a side street further up, the Italian one and Sister Venezuela's embassy. Further up you have the Rumanian embassy. Since the last vandalizing of the US embassy preceding the Iraqi war, it's walled were fortified and their height doubled, barb and electric wires were added both to the wall and the buildings inside. Plus a human wall was added on the outside, making it impossible to pass on the sidewalk. In other words, it might be easier to break inside Guantanamo fort (you just have to say "Allah" twice) than to get into the embassy.
So back to our amateur terrorists: they headed in the direction of the embassy in two mini-trucks loaded of gas bottles, without car plates, in a security and army infested area prohibited to trucks and motorcycles, and THEY WERE EXPECTING TO GET AWAY WITH IT???? Where did they get the stupidity from? Bush? Where did the old-fashioned Brotherhood home made terrorism go? Now those were the days: Rector killed in his own escort party, amongst with the escort party, bodyguards, and a whole delegation of professors and academics; secular and intellectual population of Damascus decimated; heck, you could have even arranged your schedule after the daily explosions. Now all you get is this second-hand imported Saudi Qaida crap. Shame on them. I think these were the very thoughts of nostalgia that passed through Bayanouni's criminal mind when moments after the attack, he appeared on TV declaring Syria as the most terrorist of all terrorists. Yes, my dear retard, it was so under you reign of terror during the 70' and 80', and this is what it will be if you ever lay your murderous hands on it again, with the support of your terrorist-friendly Americans. By this action you dropped another 50% of popularity, the other 50% you lost by allying with thieving Khaddam. By this declaration you did more good to the country than you ever feared in your worst nightmares. By the this declaration, the people saw what you are: a criminal, fundamentalist, murderous, regressist pile of excrement. And for the Gringos: yes, we know how to deal with terrorist, as we suffered from it, and the wounds it left us heal hard. You should know, you've suffered terrorist attacks as well.
As for Mr. Bush, when you were repeatedly speaking of terrorists in Syria, I always though you were referring to our cabbys. Now, those are real TERROR ON WHEELS!!!